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  • Start selling ad space on your blogs in any area within 5 minutes
  • Set the plugin to except only your own ads to be displayed
  • Easy to understand admin to manage all your ads & customers
  • Great looking stats & graphs to see what ads are doing well
  • Multiple payment gateways installed including paypal & stripe
  • Place ads anywhere on your site using shortcodes, php snippets
  • Even place ads on all your blogs, manage from once location

Install WPEasyAds on a single WordPress site but easily place rotating banner ads on any of your WordPress blogs...

If you can paste a snippet of code into a template or even add a shortcode to a text widget you can use WPEasyAds

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WPEasyAds WordPress banner ads rotator plugin was designed to be simple to use, we all know installing a plugin is faily easy but once installed some plugins can be a little complicated & hard to understand.

We have streamlined the WPEasyAds banner ads rotator plugin for WordPress so it can be used by everyone, if you can use shortcodes then you can use WPEasyAds.

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Making money selling ad space...

Have a PBN or even a single blog where you have empty spaces doing nothing when those same spaces could be making you a passive income from selling ads. Once the plugin is activated frontend pages are created automatically for visitors to buy ad space from you.

Everything is included and ready to go like your payment gateways (Paypal) & (Stripe) & your visitors banner ads submission forms, all the easy to understand settings and functions, the graphs and charts for impressions and clicks plus much much more.

WPEasyAds banner ads rotator for WordPress comes complete with lifetime updates so you don't have to worry about changes in WordPress.

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WPEasyAds is probably the best banner ads plugin for WordPress that allows you to make money even at 2am in the morning selling ad space on your blogs...

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  • Start selling ad space on your blogs in any area within 5 minutes
  • Allow auto ads insertion or admin must first enable client ads
  • Switch off visitor ads from the wp admin panel & insert only your ads
  • Choose from image banners to HTML banners & javascript, Google adsense
  • Integrated with both Paypal & Stripe payment gateways for easy payments
  • Choose from any size ad, rotate your ads, show your ad here banners to visitors
  • Collect user data for clicks from the powerful built in graphs and charts

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